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What are the applications of anti-counterfeiting traceability system in animal husbandry_Anti-counterfeiting traceability system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-16
The anti-counterfeiting traceability system with i-TAG as the core is to realize the tracking and management of milk sources, from milking in the dairy industry to fresh milk transportation to the company's raw material receipts and detailed records of product quality information in each link. The agricultural product anti-counterfeiting traceability system enables consumers to clearly understand dairy products, and realizes the whole-process traceability and circulation tracking and monitoring of dairy products through the whole-process information of the entire production process. Let's take a look at the application of anti-counterfeiting traceability system in animal husbandry? 1. Establish a milk source management anti-counterfeiting traceability system that can record the whole process quality traceability system from fresh milk transportation, raw and auxiliary material management, production and processing, quality management monitoring, storage management, distribution channels, and consumer management. The application of the anti-counterfeiting traceability system realizes the two-way traceability of products, that is, the traceability from raw materials to products; the management mechanism of traceability from products to raw materials. 2. Establishing the application of safety traceability The anti-counterfeiting traceability system is based on the application of product quality and safety traceability, providing people with safe and healthy food and enhancing its core strength to make enterprises invincible in the increasingly fierce competition land. Realize online sales order release, sales order approval, sales tracking, dealer credit management and other services through the sales management platform, simplifying the existing business process of the enterprise and improving operational efficiency. 3. Establish a complete consumer profile. Track product quality and after-sales service through member consumption management, so that enterprises can accurately understand and judge product quality and user feedback. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system realizes the retrieval of basic product information and nursing information to improve consumers' loyal consumption of suitable products. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system provides enterprise decision-makers with timely, accurate and complete decision-making analysis data, such as raw material production, logistics distribution, quality consumption and other data. All in all, the application of the anti-counterfeiting traceability system in animal husbandry includes establishing milk source management, establishing the application of safety traceability and complete consumer files. With the help of the new anti-counterfeiting and traceability technology of i-TAG IoT, the anti-counterfeiting traceability system combines information anti-counterfeiting and physical anti-counterfeiting, which can prevent the economic and reputation loss caused by counterfeit products to enterprises. Strengthen enterprise market control to realize anti-sweeping management to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the market, and establish a dealer credit management system.
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