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What are the basic methods of smuggling management_Smuggling management-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-12
Since the end of the last century, with the further development of the market economy, more and more distribution models have begun to appear in the market. In this context, although there have been many positive business models, there have also been vicious competition like smuggling. Therefore, there have been many management methods to stop smuggling. So, what are the basic methods of smuggling management? 1. Application of Internet of Things technology Through the Internet of Things technology, the logistics positioning and channel supervision of the company's sold equipment can be well solved, and the Internet of Things chips are embedded in the sold equipment or packaging. These equipment or packaging boxes Through the implantation of the IoT chip, it can automatically interconnect and automatically report the location of the device, automatically provide the basic serial number in the factory settings of the machine, and upload its own information to the company's server through these devices. The server receives After the data is received, it will be matched with the customer's information in the CRM system, especially the installation address, usage address and other information. If it is found that these devices are not in the designated area or the basic information of the factory-set devices has been tampered with, an alarm will be issued immediately. 2. Official account supervision Through the official account, customers can inquire about the model of the equipment they need, past purchase records, and the logistics of this purchase order. The entire process information can be clearly displayed on this official account from the product order. Customers can clearly know who is his channel provider, who is in charge of technical services, where is the logistics now, and who should be contacted for the next purchase . The clarity and transparency of the information will also greatly reduce malicious smuggling. This is also an effective way to manage smuggling. 3. Customer maintenance system Communication equipment enterprises can use mobile Internet technology to build a simple customer maintenance system, relying on the advantages of the company's WeChat public account, allowing customers to pay attention. There are both product introductions and regular technical exchanges and industry news information. This is also a more effective way of anti-smuggling management. The emergence of smuggling management has curbed the bad and vicious competition in today's market to a certain extent, and has played a more important role in maintaining the environment and atmosphere of the entire market economy. It is believed that in the future, with the further improvement of this management technology, the behavior of selling goods will be effectively curbed, and the economic environment will gradually recover.
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