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What are the benefits of full traceability of products? _Product traceability and traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-30
Now both the transportation and the living environment are better than those of ancient times and modern times and modern times, but they are not as assured about the safety of food or items as before. Probably some people hope that they can get good food without labor. Reward, will the sword go sideways. For this kind of safety scruples, some people propose that the whole process of product traceability can be used to ensure it. It is still difficult to establish the traceability of the whole process of products, because now we can record systematically in the production and sales process of many products, and can automatically display relevant information on electronic products, but in fact, in the procurement of products, In the process of transportation and wholesale, there is no way to electronically register information, so if there is a problem, it will be impossible to find the source in time. In response to this situation, some source systems can be used as information recording tools for the whole process of agricultural products from farmland to dining table, which can realize the whole process of forward tracking and reverse tracking of agricultural products. The traceability system is a more scientific and transparent supervision system that uses modern developed networks to provide agricultural products that everyone produces and eats. This system mainly stores the data of plant planting management, collection and inspection, transportation, market sales and other links in the source system in agricultural production work, so that users who use the product in the future want to know the relevant information of the product. Make inquiries to understand the green health level of agricultural products, so that consumers can purchase green agricultural products with more confidence. If the whole process of product traceability can be realized, it will be a good thing for the vast number of consumers, because in this way, the whole process of product production, procurement, transportation and sales will be carried out in a transparent environment. Next, the quality is still relatively guaranteed. Another one, if the manufacturer finds that a certain product has a problem, he can find out which batch has the problem after checking in the system, and can he solve the problem in time?
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