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What are the benefits of the anti-smuggling system? Track the whole process of products to prevent smuggling

by:Fullgo     2023-02-11
Master the direction of product flow to realize channel circulation supervision and standardize the sales behavior of dealers. Inquiry about product smuggling can provide inquiries and statistics of relevant distribution and smuggling information according to the query control authority. Build an efficient and complete anti-smuggling system, complete data collection and association in all aspects of product production, transportation, warehousing, and sales, and realize the transparency and disclosure of data information from various channels, helping enterprises to accurately combat smuggling behavior. The goods issued by the agents in each region are marked with the product number for the region, and all the links of the product can be traced back. The information management of the whole supply chain accurately grasps the information of products, warehouses, distributors, consumption and other links, establishes an intelligent data system, and automatically warns of stolen goods to improve the efficiency of inspections. It is convenient for merchants to control order, logistics, agency and other information in real time, find problems in time, and grasp market dynamics. What are the benefits of the anti-smuggling system? (1) Locate product location in real time (2) You can check product sales and circulation status (3) Consumers can scan the code on the product to determine whether there is any smuggling (4) Supervise product prices in various regions and maintain the product price system (5) ) to track the circulation of products in various regions, and if they are sold out, they can be quickly recalled, which can prevent dealers from running around. (6) The anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling code of the product can reduce fakes, identify the authenticity, traceable whereabouts, and prevent the occurrence of smuggling. Unified management of agent behavior can carry out comprehensive circulation management of products and complete information and quality management in the process. You can check whether the goods are smuggled; if the goods are smuggled, the system can automatically record and generate statistical reports. Reliable data can accurately grasp the flow of products, understand the operation status, realize the supervision of any link of the entire circulation channel, and prevent cross-regional goods. Data-based management of products, real-time control of the whereabouts of each product, and inquiries into every link of commodity circulation through the background anytime, anywhere. Give each product a unique anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling code, and the agent can scan the delivery. The flow of each product and the agent's purchase and delivery behavior.
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