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What are the characteristics of a good anti-counterfeiting label_Anti-counterfeiting label-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-20
Users can generally only distinguish the quality of anti-counterfeiting labels from the appearance of a layman. Therefore, it is necessary for corresponding technicians to use adaptable tools to understand the substantive display level of labels. Knowing the powerful ductility of anti-counterfeiting technology by identifying different texture combinations and design options. 1. The line texture is clear. The design process of the anti-counterfeiting label is generally divided into two parts: shading and relief. The department can clarify the style and combination structure of the line texture used through the development of preliminary research work and discussions with users. . The texture can be kept clear in the complex calculation process and can be attached to the product to ensure the correct play of the anti-counterfeiting benefits. 2. The relief combination is mostly valued in terms of texture, and the corresponding technology is also deeply involved in the design of the relief combination. By improving the aesthetic method of the self-worker, we can understand the relief combination that can be applied to the product. The relief sculpture can not only directly show the corporate cultural value, but also be updated at the anti-counterfeiting level to bring a strong publicity effect to the entire enterprise. 3. Sound anti-counterfeiting system Whether it is to conduct in-depth analysis on the texture level or the relief level, the purpose is to build a strong connection between the product and the anti-counterfeiting system. Thereby promoting the establishment and improvement of the corresponding anti-counterfeiting system, so that the internal driving force for the development of anti-counterfeiting work can be generated within the enterprise. The product characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting work are not reduced due to the design change of the appearance, and a stable security effect can always be exerted in the system. After the user understands the beneficial characteristics of a good anti-counterfeiting label, it can be clear that the presentation of the anti-counterfeiting effect is closely related to the development process of technology. In this way, the promotion of anti-counterfeiting companies can be placed in an important link in the process of internal construction and reform of the enterprise. The overall design work is carried out more smoothly, and the product labels brought by anti-counterfeiting technology can penetrate into the corporate culture construction level.
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