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What are the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting label technology_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-23
my country is a big country of production and consumption. When consumers buy goods, they often use the brand of the goods as the basis for purchase. In addition to harming the interests of consumers, counterfeiting and shoddy products even make consumers lose their trust in brands. The application of anti-counterfeiting label technology has solved this problem very well. So, what are the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting label technology? 1. A major feature of anti-counterfeiting label technology is the variety of materials. Photochromic anti-counterfeiting ink is to dissolve photochromic dyes into overlapping monomers, pulverize them into ultra-fine particles after drying, and use them as pigments to prepare inks. The light resistance is several times higher than that of traditional inks, and can be used in various adhesives. , water-based and oil-based inks are prepared. Most of the evaluated anti-counterfeiting label technologies are of various materials. 2. Easy to check anti-counterfeiting label technology Magnetic code anti-counterfeiting labels are made by printing with magnetic ink. For example, magnetic powder is made into magnetic ink, and its information characteristics (such as code bar, code width, etc. are printed by PS offset mixing plate, silk screen, etc.) , code distance) and magnetic properties (residual magnetization ratio, coercive force ratio) are mixed and encoded, identified by an implicit magnetic code discriminator (fast magnetic measurement by impact sensing, accurate testing of various characteristics of the encoded material, and complete logic decoding). Honest and reliable anti-counterfeiting label technology is inseparable from the use of anti-counterfeiting codes. 3. Good anti-shattering effect. Fragile paper labels are labels printed from composite materials made of PE or PP as the main raw material. For anti-counterfeiting label technology, it is more suitable for high-speed die-cutting and discharging of rolls, but it is not suitable for high-speed waste discharge of rolls for fragile paper. It cannot be automatically discharged during die-cutting, and the rolls must be cut into small sheets. Then carry out manual waste disposal. Anti-counterfeiting label technology focuses on anti-counterfeiting methods such as printing technology and materials. The anti-counterfeiting label technology relies on the bottom label, which can partially leave hollow text patterns or completely hide the query authentication information after the surface layer is uncovered. It is used for logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels, confidential document item seals, etc.
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