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What are the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-20
With the increasing degree of electronic informatization, most of the data now adopts the electronic informatization presentation mode, which is more comprehensive and traceable than the previous paper information presentation. A very widely used type of presentation mode is the very popular anti-counterfeiting label. What are the main features of anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. Huge storage capacity Security line anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers claim that this kind of label has a very huge amount of information storage, even a very small commodity can be recorded and displayed one by one from its factory to the logistics link, etc. The characteristics of this information storage are incomparable with the previous paper information presentation mode, which can allow consumers to more intuitively understand the source of the product and use it more safely. 2. Strong tracking and anti-counterfeiting functions Laser anti-counterfeiting stickers are anti-counterfeiting stickers made of lasers. This anti-counterfeiting sticker can quickly enter product information into the anti-counterfeiting code, and new action paths and products will be added with the flow of products. For enterprises, the use of this anti-counterfeiting sticker has a strong tracking and anti-counterfeiting function, not only can clearly know the whereabouts of the product, but also unscrupulous merchants cannot imitate or steal such anti-counterfeiting stickers, which once again improves the safety of goods. sex. 3. Effectively prevent products from being damaged during transportation. After using this anti-counterfeiting sticker, it can also effectively prevent label damage caused during transportation. If ordinary paper labels are used, there will be some products that have undergone long-term logistics. After transportation and transshipment, the printed words appear blurred or damaged. Once such a situation occurs, the product needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for reprinting, which is very troublesome. With this kind of anti-counterfeiting stickers, there is no such problem. The reason why products are widely used in this kind of anti-counterfeiting stickers is mainly because of the three characteristics of the above anti-counterfeiting stickers. The huge storage capacity means that this kind of anti-counterfeiting stickers can carry a wider range of information, including information about whereabouts and paths. Sufficient checkability; and anti-counterfeiting stickers can also prevent problems such as information loss during transportation, and help enterprises reduce the cost of repeatedly returning products.
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