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What are the characteristics of bubble anti-counterfeiting labels

by:Fullgo     2022-10-20
What are the characteristics of the bubble anti-counterfeiting label? At the same time as the bubble anti-counterfeiting label is used, there is also a kind of anti-counterfeiting label which is a bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label. This bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label is a plastic disc with a diameter of 1-10mm. During the cooling process, various bubble patterns will be randomly formed. Since the probability of the same is very low, and the patterns and serial numbers are recorded in the database, when purchasing goods, consumers only need to verify whether the bubble patterns in the plastic label of the goods are the same as those in the database. If the records are consistent, you can independently judge the authenticity.  At present, this bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label is mostly used in packaging of food, electronic products, watches, etc., and can also be used in passports and banknotes. As a new technology and new development of anti-counterfeiting query labels, bubble anti-counterfeiting labels also occupy an increasingly important position in the market. In commercial applications, bubble anti-counterfeiting labels mainly have the following three characteristics.  1. Differential verification  Bubble anti-counterfeiting label is a new type of label, its function is mainly to verify the authenticity of the product. By taking pictures of labels with mobile phones, you can find the specific data information of the corresponding products to distinguish the true and false. The bubbles here are unique and will disappear if it is a fake product, or if the fake label is deliberately corrected. Now, this technology has been widely deepened to major commercial enterprises and is developing rapidly.  2. Quick query;   Bubble anti-counterfeiting labels can not only distinguish between true and false, but also have the benefit of convenient reading. Each bubble label has a unique identification code, which is recorded in the company's database and connected to the Internet network, which can be queried in real time. At the same time, consumers can query the production information of the product in the database, allowing consumers to have a deeper and more thorough understanding of the product, which is conducive to maintaining customer relationships.  3. Keep it in good condition  Bubble anti-counterfeiting labels are compatible in practical application, not only can be used alone, but also can be used in combination with other anti-counterfeiting technologies to form complementary advantages and construct a more secure anti-counterfeiting system. Anti-disclosure technology will be used in the production of labels, making the bubble label the only key, maintaining its integrity, and becoming a 'bridge' of trust between enterprises and consumers. 
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