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What are the characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting marks_Laser anti-counterfeiting marks-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-06
Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are also called laser anti-counterfeiting labels. They look good in appearance. You can see different colors and textures from different angles. Labels like this are now used by many companies, and the effect is very good. Also very good. So do you know its principle and characteristics? Below, the editor of the National 315 Product Anti-counterfeiting Inquiry Center will introduce what is a laser anti-counterfeiting label and its characteristics for you. Since the color blocks in the laser hologram are randomly coded and combined, it is difficult to make the same master even on the same equipment. The holographic image also integrates technologies such as laser, precision machinery and physical chemistry. The technical content is also very high. Therefore, it is difficult for most small-batch counterfeiters to master the full set of manufacturing technology and purchase manufacturing equipment, so the effect of this technology is very significant in all aspects, so laser holographic images are now It is widely used in the production of anti-counterfeiting labels. The anti-counterfeiting labels made by holographic technology are laser anti-counterfeiting labels, also called laser anti-counterfeiting labels. 1. The characteristics of the laser film are as follows: 1. The laser film has high gloss for cigarettes, the holographic layer has a good antistatic effect, and has high anti-adhesion and machine adaptability. Carbon dioxide and other capabilities are very high. 3. With its unique aroma, it has strong anti-counterfeiting performance, not only beautiful, but also green and environmentally friendly. 4. The color can be colorful and single, there are single rainbow, multiple rainbow colors, true color and black and white, etc. Its images include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic imaging. 5. Combination anti-counterfeiting can be used. So far, there have been combined holograms and true three-dimensional technology and even 4D technology. The degree of fraud prevention has also improved a lot, and it is deeply loved by many companies. Second, the laser film is a newly developed high-tech environmental protection material. At present, there are mainly: BOPP laser aluminized film, transfer film, transparent high-reflection film; PET laser aluminized film, composite film and hot stamping film. 3. As the carrier of laser holographic images, laser film can produce composite laser cardboard, transfer laser cardboard, etc. through special production process, with high security and anti-counterfeiting, brilliant colors, and dynamic illusion effects, allowing enterprises to Wide range of applications.
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