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What are the characteristics of product full traceability traceability_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-22
It is very beneficial to the construction of comprehensive products, and it is the basis for the development of highly targeted product traceability throughout the whole process. In particular, it can have better sublimation characteristics on the basis of a single anti-counterfeiting function, and can better enhance the competitiveness of products and establish a good bridge for communication with consumers. 1. The enhancement of content is more comprehensive and complete. Different from simple anti-counterfeiting signs, the whole-process traceability of products that keep pace with the times can carry a lot of content, not just to distinguish true and false, but also from product production to every detail. Explain the time and content to help consumers make a better all-round analysis from the root. At present, it can be linked to the official website to a certain extent to better guarantee the provision of services and the description of corresponding product requirements. It can be used as a communication between manufacturers and consumers to provide a strong guarantee for the fundamental establishment of consumer stickiness. 2. The production cost is lower, and the overall production and product integration can be better completed from the perspective of efficiency and speed. Different from the previous mature traceability of the whole process The overall cost of expenses is also getting less and less. It can be better satisfied and the cost performance is very good. Nowadays, products need to consider the value of the overall planning. Therefore, the introduction of full traceability in many cases will not only not affect the value competitiveness of the product, but also improve the overall strength of the product. Provide good protection and make it an important part of product differentiation. The continuous development of product traceability throughout the whole process, with the increase of demand, has been better improved in terms of technology and content description, and it is more and more in line with the composition of the overall product planning. Therefore, it will definitely become one of the important bridges for product anti-counterfeiting and product services in the future, and provide a good guarantee for the generation of real value of more products and the enhancement of competitive strength.
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