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What are the characteristics of the product anti-smuggling system? Track the flow of products

by:Fullgo     2022-11-17
Features of product anti-smuggling system 1. Provide each product with the only product anti-smuggling ID code, realize the interconnection and interaction of product information among product manufacturers, distributors, and consumers, and solve product counterfeiting, smuggling and other issues for enterprises. series of questions. 2. The anti-smuggling traceability system can locate the geographical location of the product, and the system will automatically issue an early warning when there is a product smuggling. It can obtain the data and information of the smuggling in real time, and can control the transportation flow of the product, thereby stabilizing the sales market. 3. What are the characteristics of the product anti-smuggling system? Answer: The dealer scans the code to purchase the goods, and the system automatically synchronizes the scan code data to the background of the headquarters system, and dynamically monitors each dealer in the terminal in real time, so as to easily solve the problem of smuggling and disorderly prices. 4. You can set whether to allow consumers to scan the QR code for inquiries or participate in activities after the dealer or store is disabled, after the product is sold, and the product is shipped without scanning the code; you can also set whether it needs to be distinguished by the production batch number. product information. 5. Through the coverage of the QR code of the product logistics label, it is possible to monitor the logistics information of the product, control the whole process, timely control the purchase, sale and inventory at all levels, grasp the trend of product logistics, ensure that consumers have a deep understanding of product production, and increase the understanding of product production. product trustworthiness. 6. Anti-smuggling system, track the whole process of the product, supervise the sales situation, control the product price system, and prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of smuggling; supervise the whole-cycle circulation information of the product. Traceability and anti-channeling management, strict inspection of each link of product traceability, channel traceability, and market traceability. 7. Unite consumers to scan codes for data clarification and product protection with anti-counterfeiting codes and QR codes, so as to realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting traceability of big data. The working principle of the anti-smuggling system: warehousing scanning, warehousing management, shipment scanning, shipment management, return scanning, return management, label replacement, and tracking query. 8. Through the anti-channeling traceability management system, the enterprise can realize the overall management and control of the logistics channel, and the dealers can carry out the logistics tracking step by step, resist the dealer's channeling behavior, create a good and unchanged product market sales atmosphere, and establish a product brand image. , to improve corporate commitment and product awareness. 9. The anti-smuggling management system realizes accurate control of product circulation and logistics business channels through information input in dealer management and distribution; through automatic early warning, it can accurately combat vicious smuggling behavior, stabilize the price system, maintain market order, and timely Obtain data information, supervise the flow of products at any time, and understand the sales information of products in various regions. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product QR code anti-smuggling system, fine management and clear responsibility how to prevent milk powder from selling? Use CCN China Business Network Anti-Smuggling System
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