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What are the conditions for QR code anti-counterfeiting_QR code anti-counterfeiting-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-01
In the selection of QR code technology, many technicians have taken great pains to prevent the proliferation of piracy. In order to reduce the proliferation of piracy and ensure the interests of genuine brands, it is a convenient decision to adopt anti-counterfeiting technology. The problem of QR code anti-counterfeiting needs to be based on the needs of individual buyers. for a unified solution. For the selection of the conditions, what conditions should QR code anti-counterfeiting meet for customers? 1. It should have a unique scan code mark to prevent others from stealing. Many merchants in the market may even steal the anti-counterfeiting technology of the two-dimensional code, so the anti-counterfeiting of the two-dimensional code should have its own unique scan code mark to let consumers In this way, the appearance of pirated products can be eliminated and reduced by this means, and this piracy method can also be used for secondary processing through marking to reduce the loss and flow of profits. 2. There should be a technical level that can support the quality of anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property rights. Because the technology of two-dimensional code is becoming more and more known in the context of today's technological development, but the increase of anti-counterfeiting technology still requires professionals and technicians Therefore, the choice of QR code anti-counterfeiting must have the technical level and R&D ability to support the quality of anti-counterfeiting, so that there will be no quality problems due to insufficient ability in the subsequent use process. 3. There should be a suitable generation machine to maintain the quality and reduce the error rate Because each two-dimensional code needs a special machine to generate, so the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting should have a suitable production machine to maintain the quality of each two-dimensional code. Quality, and the convenience and operability of the generator must be at a certain level in order for people to use it. At the same time, the promotion of this generator should be judged and purchased according to customers' own thoughts and feelings of use. The production of the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting query system can be developed uniformly according to the capital it currently has. QR code anti-counterfeiting should not only have a unique scan code mark to reduce brand loss and flow, but also have a technical level that can support anti-counterfeiting technology to prevent quality defects from affecting the generation rate, and should have a suitable generation machine to maintain the convenience of quality assurance and operability to maintain basic operations.
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