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What are the main advantages of the traceability platform_Traceability platform-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-15
At present, many brand enterprises have joined the traceability platform with strong anti-counterfeiting ability in order to maintain the good image of the products in the market and avoid the influence caused by various factors in the market. This kind of anti-counterfeiting platform with strong technical strength can provide comprehensive authentic traceability protection services for the quality of goods through the practical application of various anti-counterfeiting technologies while marking the product with reliable traceability source code. So what are the main advantages of the traceability platform that has been welcomed by many long-established brand companies with rich anti-counterfeiting technology reserves? 1. Advantages of Commodity ID Cards Everyone will be given an ID number that cannot be copied at birth, so that they can be separated from the rest of the world. Because of the existence of the ID number, there is no fear of being impersonated by others. At present, the traceability platform can also assign unique identification codes to commodities based on the carefully developed cloud housekeeper code, so as to ensure that the commodities assigned the identification codes by the traceability platform are difficult to be imitated. 2. Advantages of Mobile Internet of Things The cloud housekeeper service of the reliable traceability platform can not only add reliable identification codes to commodities, but also rely on the current booming mobile Internet of Things technology, the traceability platform can also accurately track commodities in the market. Circulating information, this powerful traceability capability enables enterprises to accurately understand the distribution area of ​​consumers, and formulate effective marketing strategies in a targeted manner. 3. Advantages of big data analysis No analysis report is more convincing than accurate numbers, which is why big data can be valued by many large enterprises in modern society. Through the big data analysis capabilities of the traceability platform, it can help companies to profile consumers, so as to find the main buyers of goods in the market, and with the help of the big data business of the highly rated traceability platform, the hobbies and habits of these groups can be deeply understood. At present, many enterprises rely on the technology of professional and reliable traceability platforms in the management of commodity circulation. The traceability platform not only has the advantage of cloud housekeeping to give each product a unique ID card, but also relies on the emerging advantages of the mobile Internet of Things to master the circulation information of the product. In addition, the platform applying big data analysis technology will also provide enterprises with Portrait service of commodity consumers.
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