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What are the main functions of anti-counterfeiting label products_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-05
For many long-established brand enterprises, how to effectively deal with the challenges of counterfeit products in the market has become a top priority for the survival of the enterprise. At present, the emergence of a variety of high-tech anti-counterfeiting label products in the market is undoubtedly a life-saving straw for many brand enterprises to restore their corporate reputation and reshape their corporate image, and this high-tech anti-counterfeiting product also has many advantages for brand enterprises. A very practical function. So what are the practical functions of anti-counterfeiting label products that can better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of brand enterprises? 1. The function of imitation and counterfeiting At present, many manufacturers specialize in imitation. Due to technological breakthroughs, the brand products imitated by these manufacturers are almost difficult to distinguish from the appearance. As a result, many consumers turn their grievances to brand manufacturers after purchasing counterfeit products, resulting in serious damage to the reputation of the manufacturers. However, the newly developed product traceability anti-counterfeiting label products can effectively avoid the appearance of counterfeit products in the market due to the technical difficulty. 2. The function of traceability query The anti-counterfeiting label products currently favored by brand manufacturers, in addition to the excellent imitation and counterfeiting function, this product also integrates a powerful traceability query function. By scanning the anti-counterfeiting QR code on the outer packaging of the product, consumers can accurately check the production date of the brand product and all the commodity circulation process. 3. The functional laser two-dimensional code general anti-counterfeiting label product that imitates the serial goods currently adopts the anti-counterfeiting method of unique code. This technology allows the manufacturer to provide different anti-counterfeiting measures according to the different regions of the dealer when supplying to the dealer. The advantage of this is that the brand manufacturer can accurately grasp the whereabouts of the goods and prevent the phenomenon of cross-selling in the market during local price promotions. At present, with the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting labels are not only a single ID card to prevent illegal manufacturers from imitating brand products. The functions of anti-counterfeiting label products mainly include the characteristics of preventing the imitation of counterfeit products in the market, and can also help consumers to accurately check the circulation of goods. In addition, this kind of anti-counterfeiting label can also help brand enterprises to better control the goods on the market. Circulation and consignment problems.
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