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What are the matters needing attention in the management of smuggling goods_Changing goods management-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd

by:Fullgo     2023-01-09
The circulation of commodities can promote transactions, thereby achieving the effect of improving the economic level, so that enterprises can gain a foothold in the market, but the good prospects need to be maintained, so in order to prevent enterprises from introducing smuggling management methods to limit, just such a management system also needs All kinds of cooperation, so the following points need to be paid attention to in the management of smuggling goods. 1. Pay attention to regular random inspections During the process of control of fraudulent goods, regular random inspections are also required. Because the impact of fraudulent goods is now carefully understood by many enterprises, these enterprises are scrambling to follow the example of various industries to set up management systems, but only rely on There are bound to be certain loopholes in system management. If they cannot be found in time, they will have a greater impact. Therefore, it is necessary to solve various loopholes that may appear in this type of management through regular spot checks. 2. Pay attention to the setting of the product code. In the process of selling and circulating products, the product code must be used to prove the identity of the product. Usually, the code of a batch of products produced by the manufacturer will be set, and because of its sales Different regions, in order to distinguish the product code, it is necessary to change the product code. Even if it is the service code of car rental management, it needs to be treated differently according to the region. . 3. Pay attention to the prohibition of circulation. It is clearly stated in the management of smuggling goods that goods with different codes in the same type of goods cannot be sold outside the region. The only way is to set the corresponding system, but any system has imperfect aspects. If you want to control it on the system, you should set the product code to prohibit external circulation, so as to ensure that it will not be smuggled. Fleeing goods management is a management method used by many enterprises and manufacturers. Generally, such management methods are displayed in the form of systematic operation, and as long as the system has certain defects, if you want to manage such problems well, And reduce the probability of its occurrence, then pay more attention to the product code when using it, regularly check the work and set the circulation prohibition.
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