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What are the precautions for customizing anti-counterfeiting labels to anti-counterfeiting label factories

by:Fullgo     2022-11-04
As an important part of anti-counterfeiting work, custom anti-counterfeiting labels must confirm the security features and identification methods of the product, and ensure that it is sufficiently difficult to prevent. This is because the anti-counterfeiting label is an important basis for judging the authenticity of a product. It is different from other products. It also shoulders a role in combating counterfeiting. Therefore, the customization of anti-counterfeiting labels is very important. What are the precautions? (1) ‍Communicate needs with manufacturers. General anti-counterfeiting design companies will provide customers with free design solutions. When customizing anti-counterfeiting labels, you should tell the anti-counterfeiting design company your needs. (2) Pay attention to the quality of finished products When making anti-counterfeiting labels, quality is also very important. The handwriting of the manufactured label is not clear, the stickiness is not enough to cause the label to warp, the coating of the inquiry is not easy to scratch, and so on. (3) After seeing the query effect label is produced and handed over to the customer, it is also necessary to determine whether the query background of the label is smooth. Anti-counterfeiting service providers should deal with any query obstacles in a timely manner and do a good job in after-sales service. (4) Confirming the manufacturer's qualifications The customized anti-counterfeiting labels are required to provide relevant enterprise qualification certificates, such as business licenses, organization code certificates, etc. Only with strict process control can we safeguard our rights. (5) There must be a cycle for the customization of anti-counterfeiting labels in advance scheduling. Many merchants thought that the labels could be made soon, so they did not schedule production in advance, resulting in delays in the use of products. It is important to know that products with higher anti-counterfeiting levels tend to have longer production cycles. The above are some precautions for customizing anti-counterfeiting labels to the anti-counterfeiting label factory. The important work and necessary premise of obtaining high-quality and efficient anti-counterfeiting labels, so everyone must do a good job of label customization to the anti-counterfeiting label factory on the basis of paying attention to the above aspects.
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