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What are the precautions for online coding and labeling_Online coding and labeling-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-31
With the popularity of QR codes in the market, online coding and labeling has gradually become a common phenomenon, and it has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, reducing the pressure of many merchants on payment. Online coding and labeling with good quality and good reputation does not need to be deliberately publicized. Customers who have in-depth understanding will automatically recognize this type of labeling, which shows the status of quality and reputation in the minds of customers. In the process of formally implementing the labeling work, there are some precautions that need to be grasped in place. 1. Looking for a regular and reliable labeling agency Intentional customers are often impressed by cheap online coding and labeling. The reason is nothing more than the low procurement cost, but this part of the content cannot be regarded as a judgment of excellent quality. key factor of inferiority. You should focus most of your attention on the exploration of online coding and labeling agencies, make sure that you identify with a formal and reliable agency, and then continue to screen. 2. The labeling process should comply with the specific regulations. The precautions for online coding and labeling include familiarity with the regulations. This work has a certain labeling process. It is not possible to arbitrarily implement labeling according to personal ideas, which is easy to cause problems. On this basis, all labeling steps must be in high compliance with specific regulations, so that many unnecessary cumbersome things will be eliminated as much as possible. 3. Designate a special person to supervise the code scanning work. The precautions for online code assignment and labeling also include follow-up supervision work, which must be implemented in place. Designate a special person to be responsible for identifying the customer's code scanning behavior, so as to avoid the problem of payment interruption due to insufficient code scanning. Like some large-scale stores, the daily flow of people is large, and the number of code scans will skyrocket, and it needs to be supervised by a special person. The above lists the three major issues that should be paid attention to in the process of online coding and labeling. It is also an important step that users tend to ignore. It is hoped that inappropriate behavior can be reversed under the guidance of this article. Take all the details into consideration, and avoid a series of problems such as code scanning interruption due to a momentary omission.
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