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What are the principles of commonly used anti-counterfeiting label technologies? _Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-18
I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with anti-counterfeiting labels, because the labels produced by the use of anti-counterfeiting label technology can record the relevant information of the product, allowing everyone to identify the authenticity of the product, which can not only sort out a good brand image, but also Can increase consumer trust. However, there are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels now, and the anti-counterfeiting label technology used by each label is different. In order to let you know more about anti-counterfeiting labels, this article introduces the principles of several commonly used anti-counterfeiting label technologies. 1. The principle of warm deformation technology The principle of warm deformation technology is very common, and it is also one of the well-rated anti-counterfeiting label technologies. Its characteristic is that when the anti-counterfeiting label is heated, the color of the label will begin to change. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting label using this technology is more suitable for use on products that will not be affected by temperature. 2. Principle of fluorescence technology The principle of fluorescence technology is also a commonly used principle among various anti-counterfeiting label technologies. When using the principle of fluorescent technology, the anti-counterfeiting label is read and written under the ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength or under the irradiation of other light sources. specific properties are displayed. 3. The principle of laser holography technology The laser anti-counterfeiting label adopts the principle of this anti-counterfeiting label technology. The graphic image in the anti-counterfeiting javelin is printed by laser holographic technology. The purpose of product color difference, and can also play a role in highlighting product identification. 4. The principle of invisible anti-counterfeiting technology The fourth common anti-counterfeiting label technology is the principle of invisible anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting label will display previously customized information under natural light or under the illumination of a specific spotlight, such as displaying the trademark information of the product, information on the nature of the product, and so on. These four are the most commonly used anti-counterfeiting label technologies. Because the principles of use are different, the types of anti-counterfeiting labels are also different. If enterprises need to use anti-counterfeiting labels, they may wish to learn about the trustworthy anti-counterfeiting label technologies, and then choose a suitable anti-counterfeiting label according to their actual needs. label technology.
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