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What are the production steps and use values ​​of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels? - Fleeing goods management - Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-07
We can see that many products are printed with anti-counterfeiting labels everywhere in our life, but we only see the ready-made anti-counterfeiting labels after printing, but we do not know how the manufacturers make the products before they leave the factory, and the use value of the anti-counterfeiting labels. We are curious about this point of knowledge. Our Shanghai Nuobiao editor will share this time with the industry products that we are very familiar with and pay great attention to brand and quality, that is, the production steps of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels and Use value for simple sharing, let's learn about it together. The production steps of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly divided into the following steps: Step 1. The store owner should analyze the company's qualifications clearly, and then show the company-related materials to the label-making enterprise, such as business license, tax registration, and trademark registration number. , production license and other photocopies stamped with the company seal. The second step is to show the anti-counterfeiting company the brand name and trademark logo to the anti-counterfeiting company, and the other party will make an overall plan to transfer the wine anti-counterfeiting label considered by the company according to the company's regulations and the situation of the outer packaging box of the product. The store can have a variety of choices. After selecting the anti-counterfeiting label, sign each other to clarify the overall planning draft. Step 3. After signing the contract with each other, the company and the anti-counterfeiting company sign the anti-counterfeiting label production and manufacturing entrustment agreement and the network access license contract. The network access license contract specifies the rights and job responsibilities of both sides. Signing the anti-counterfeiting label agreement requires both signatures and company seals. Step 4. After Chikun Anti-Counterfeiting Company has designed the anti-counterfeiting label, the store can carry out 1-to-1 coding on the products according to the relevant machinery and equipment, and then load the custom product information in the code to create ID cards for alcohol products. information. After understanding the production steps of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels, what are the application and use values ​​of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels? In view of the knowledge points that you are more interested in, let’s take a look at the following points: 1. Industrialized management methods Commodities: Putting anti-counterfeiting labels on wine is equivalent to creating one for wine. ID card information, invisibly increase the serial number of each product, and the store can better carry out a consistent management method for the product according to the serial number search. 2. Severely crack down on counterfeit goods: alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels are composed of heavy data encryption, which cannot be used repeatedly or copied, which increases the cost of counterfeiting, making counterfeiters unprofitable, and can reasonably counterfeit and shoddy products . 3. Improve customers' desire to buy: Each product has its own real identity, which builds a service platform for anti-counterfeiting inquiry for customers, improves customers' desire to buy, allows customers to purchase with more peace of mind, and easily obtains customers' information. trust. 4. Improve the competitiveness of products: The market competition in the same industry is so fierce, and products must have their own characteristics to enhance their market competitiveness. The use of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels can better show the reliability of information products and improve the use value of products. . The above is a simple sharing of the production steps and use value knowledge points of alcohol anti-counterfeiting labels. Can everyone understand it? Because this is something that professionals in the industry must understand, we can only do a simple sharing and understanding. I hope our Shanghai Nuobiao editor can bring you some inspiration in this sharing, thank you for your Follow and support.
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