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What are the reasons for the popularity of anti-counterfeiting companies_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-05
With the advent of the information age, various technologies have developed unprecedentedly. In particular, the emergence of artificial intelligence technology has once again led to a change in the concept of the entire society. In this context, there are also many anti-counterfeiting companies engaged in anti-counterfeiting work. So, what are the reasons for the popularity of anti-counterfeiting companies? 1. Plan and manage the anti-counterfeiting enterprise to establish a quality integrity management system. It should take the quality commitment requirements of identification, analysis and confirmation as the input, and the fulfillment of the quality commitment results as the output. According to the management plan (Plan), management realization (Do), inspection and analysis (Check) and continuous improvement (Action) several process cycles are carried out, around the whole life cycle of the product, based on the quality management system established by the enterprise, and put forward normative specific requirements for the bottlenecks, weaknesses and key links that affect the fulfillment of quality commitments. 2. Anti-counterfeiting companies with multiple sales channels ‍Make overall management of the corresponding document requirements for sales and agents of sales channels, and keep the company's external quality commitments consistent with the quality commitments delivered by different sales channels. Anti-counterfeiting design is a subset of graphic design. It is a special discipline based on printing technology, integrating anti-counterfeiting technology and design methods. It follows the general laws of aesthetics in the construction of visual elements, and is a visual language communication that integrates function and aesthetics. . In addition to the basic function of conveying information, anti-counterfeiting design also needs to be single, difficult to counterfeit and can accurately identify the authenticity of products. 3. The anti-counterfeiting printing design with more advanced technology needs to be comprehensively considered from the aspects of design anti-counterfeiting, substrate anti-counterfeiting, and ink anti-counterfeiting. Design anti-counterfeiting includes pattern design, super-line wiring printing, rainbow printing, micro-printing, invisible printing and other technologies, using the combination of extremely thin lines, micro-text and other visual elements to design difficult to imitate patterns such as group flowers, reliefs, etc., is an anti-counterfeiting design. early stage. The anti-counterfeiting feature of substrates is that the printing materials themselves have anti-counterfeiting properties, such as pearl paper, fluorescent fiber paper, laser iris paper and other special papers. Ink anti-counterfeiting includes thermochromic ink, photochromic ink (usually called fluorescent ink), OVI optically variable ink, etc. At present, with the progress of the times, the anti-counterfeiting concept of many consumers has gradually been improved. In this context, the demand for anti-counterfeiting work is also increasing. Anti-counterfeiting companies have a wide range of operations and are increasingly playing an important role in our lives. I believe that they will be more and more loved and favored by the market in the future.
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