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What are the scopes of smuggling management?

by:Fullgo     2022-10-12
The management of smuggling goods is an important subject for students in the market economy industry. It is not an easy task to compete with and profit from businesses in the same industry in the market. Even if many people have studied for decades, they cannot fully The implementation of theory requires continuous experience summarization and experience. Managing the phenomenon of smuggling is not only the work of merchants, but also the work of the country. Laissez-faire will lead to chaos in the market, so what are the scope of its application? 1. The phenomenon of smuggling in the same market Anti-smuggling management can be applied to the same market. To give a simple example, for example, the hot sneakers in the trendy market of young people, a pair of nike shoes that sell for only a few hundred yuan It can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars. This is because after the original first-level wholesalers normally distribute the goods to the next-level sellers, they dump the goods to the first-level merchants of the same level, which will lead to higher prices. rising. 2. The phenomenon of smuggling in different markets The management of smuggling in different markets is also the same. Under the same circumstances, the second-level dealers resell the goods to the general distributor or second-level merchants in another area. On the basis of the same goods , will lead to confusion in the market price, some people buy at high prices, so when selling, they need to further increase the original price to make a profit, and this price has already exceeded the original price many times, which is a common loss for merchants and consumers. 3. The phenomenon of cross-market cross-market cross-market cross-market cross-market management is more complicated. It not only has the mixed results of the previous two situations, but also involves restocking between branches and salesmen. The supply of goods is more and more messy. Some people think that their purchase price is cheap. In fact, it is already the price after others have sold many people. The management of smuggling can prevent the situation of being sold and helping people with money. In this way, only the people who sold the goods at the beginning can make a profit. The originator of disrupting the market. The smuggling management system can be applied to the above three situations. The swindling management is a very important market skill. Even a small part of serious smuggling will gradually affect the entire country. Some people who sell goods may think that It is not surprising that I am one of the small members, but everyone thinks this way, it will inevitably affect the relationship, form a chain reaction, trigger the butterfly effect, and harm others and not oneself.
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