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What are the service areas of the anti-counterfeiting company_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-03
Fake and shoddy products are abhorrent, and anti-counterfeiting has been on the way. There are many well-known anti-counterfeiting companies in China, but fake and shoddy products continue to emerge in people's production and life, which has caused serious adverse effects on everyone's life. It also disrupted the normal competition order of the market. Today, let's talk about the service areas of anti-counterfeiting companies? (1) The trend of informatization and electronization in the field of public security is becoming more and more obvious, providing more effective technical means and technical platforms for preventing and combating crimes in the field of public security. For example, taxis in some cities have begun to install anti-counterfeiting labels. The official launch of anti-counterfeiting labels will make 'black cars' nowhere to hide. This is a standard case in the field of announcement security served by anti-counterfeiting companies. ‍(2) Anti-counterfeiting companies in the field of food safety ‍A large part of the areas they serve is in the field of food safety. The 'Twelfth Five-Year' development plan for the food industry puts quality and safety first, and proposes to greatly reduce the incidence of food safety accidents and significantly increase the The satisfaction of the people with the food ensures that consumers can eat with confidence, thereby safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people. With people's attention and attention to food safety, how to ensure food safety and prevent counterfeit goods has become a technical and management problem in the food field. The government and consumers are looking forward to simple and easy technology to escort food. The dining table has become a hot and difficult point for new technologies, new equipment and new applications.    (3) The field of drug safety The field of drug safety is also the main service field of anti-counterfeiting companies. According to the requirements of relevant policy documents, all basic drugs must be dynamically managed through electronic supervision codes during the circulation process. This basically covers all pharmaceutical commercial enterprises and industrial enterprises that produce pharmaceuticals, covering a wide range of areas. The electronic supervision code is a sign that distinguishes medicines and an 'identity card' for each box of medicines. The service goal of anti-counterfeiting companies is to help relevant state departments to supervise the production and circulation of medicines in a more timely manner. For production enterprises It is more convenient to effectively manage and control the sales of drugs, and at the same time, it also provides a platform for the general public to supervise, and the safety of drug use is guaranteed to a certain extent. The service areas of party committee companies can be roughly divided into the above three categories. Of course, there are also some uncommon industries that also use the anti-counterfeiting technology provided by anti-counterfeiting companies. With the improvement of security awareness in various fields, the demand for anti-counterfeiting companies will become more and more strong, and the service level of anti-counterfeiting companies will become more and more extensive.
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