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What are the service scope of the anti-counterfeiting company_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-03
The rapid spread of consumerism in Chinese society has spawned a group of speculators who pursue economic interests excessively and destroy their moral conscience. They make ill-gotten gains by making and selling fake and shoddy goods. At present, resisting counterfeit and shoddy goods has become the consensus of the society, and the emergence of anti-counterfeiting companies has greatly promoted the progress and improvement of the industry. The following is a brief introduction to the main service scope of the current Chinese anti-counterfeiting companies. 1. Personalized design of anti-counterfeiting platform In order to identify and eliminate counterfeit and shoddy products and shoddy goods from the source, an anti-counterfeiting technology for the whole process of product life cycle based on geographic location is proposed. It is quite effective to build an anti-counterfeiting service platform based on the internal characteristics of the industry. The way. Companies that provide anti-counterfeiting services can build platforms that support product anti-counterfeiting logo production, circulation monitoring, anti-counterfeiting verification, and anti-collision goods, and can provide low-cost anti-counterfeiting services for various types of products to small and medium-sized enterprises. Second, the sale of anti-counterfeiting products The anti-counterfeiting industry has gradually developed in order to meet the needs of market economic development and commodity anti-counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting technology is an effective means to avoid the behavior of market economic entities, and it is widely used in optics, chemistry, printing technology and packaging technology. Anti-counterfeiting companies can advance the cause of combating counterfeit goods by researching and developing items with anti-counterfeiting properties and selling them to industries with related needs. 3. Identification of the authenticity of agricultural products From the perspective of agricultural development, fertile land and good seeds are the prerequisites and the foundation of agriculture. In recent years, counterfeit and shoddy seeds are common, which not only affects the rights and interests of consumers, but also brings adverse effects on the development of agriculture. It is imperative to identify the authenticity of agricultural seeds. Most companies engaged in anti-counterfeiting work have recruited a group of appraisers with sufficient appraisal experience, who can accurately and objectively evaluate the authenticity of agricultural items. As an operating organization dedicated to resisting counterfeit and shoddy goods, the anti-counterfeiting company reflects the idea of ​​social administrators skillfully and flexibly using economic and commercial rules to resist social unhealthy activities. What the current society lacks is not moral integrity, but the correct way to deal with fake and shoddy goods. The promotion of anti-counterfeiting companies will guide the promotion of a more healthy and reasonable economic and industrial model in the country.
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