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What are the specific functions of the traceability system? Realize quality control traceability

by:Fullgo     2023-03-10
Introduction: Product traceability identification can prevent confusion in the processing process; recover the problem products in time, take remedial measures, safeguard the interests of users, corporate reputation, avoid greater losses, and achieve clear corporate management responsibilities. Specific functions of the traceability system (1) Improve the level of enterprise informatization, establish a product traceability database, and realize the visual traceability management of the entire product process. (2) Traceability Master the key points of product quality, record all the detailed information of the product, and consumers trust the traceability of product information. (3) Technologies such as precise operation and management information, remote digitization and visualization, and early warning of problems constantly promote the informatization of production and operation of enterprises. Consumers can learn a series of information such as the production location and circulation of products after scanning the QR code. (4) It can enable enterprises to have a more complete and competitive production process, comprehensive product quality management capabilities, improve product qualification rates, reduce production losses, improve product quality, and improve customer satisfaction, realize enterprise quality management, and complete process information. Share in real time. (5) The production process, raw materials used in production and procurement, packaging information, sales area data and other information, after the basic database is formed, the production, processing, sales, inspection and other aspects of the product can be displayed by scanning the QR code. This kind of information, consumers are more assured and recognized. Improve the management level of producers and operators (1) According to the retrospective needs of enterprises, based on the understanding of the professional process of the industry, use digitalization to allow enterprises to achieve internal process intercommunication, intelligent upgrade and transformation, and win competitiveness with more cost-effective and innovative development. (2) The product traceability system realizes the management of product life cycle information records such as commodity production and processing, packaging and warehousing, channel logistics, terminal sales, authenticity inquiry, data analysis, etc. through the one-object-one-code technology. (3) Record production process, integration, associated production data, personnel data, material information, process data, equipment information and processing environment information. The advantages of the traceability system, tracking product information, the data can take effect in real time, the person who scans the code, the time, and the location are all available, the data is encoded and encrypted, and the label cannot be copied. (4) Manage every link of the product, produce high-quality products, generate traceable labels, and provide consumers with product information. It can connect all links of production, inspection, supervision and consumption, so that consumers can understand the production and circulation process of products, improve customers' reassurance, and realize information management projects.
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