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What are the technical characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels that disappear at the drop point_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-15
With the continuous development and development trend of the anti-counterfeiting manufacturing industry, the current domestic anti-counterfeiting label technologies include laser holographic spray paint trademarks, fragile paper trademarks, self-adhesive labels anti-counterfeiting trademarks, and high-temperature fading anti-counterfeiting trademarks. The anti-counterfeiting label technology with high service quality is the anti-counterfeiting label technology that is recognized by everyone. This anti-counterfeiting technology has relatively strong anti-counterfeiting characteristics, and the structure of counterfeit molecules is not easy to imitate. Let's take a look at the technical characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting label that disappears at the dripping point. 1. The anti-counterfeiting label technology is a relatively simple anti-counterfeiting technology that is convenient and quick. The anti-counterfeiting label that disappears by dripping is completed by upgrading the unique ink printing and unique plate-making process. In addition, only water droplets can be used to produce mutual chemical interaction that changes with the change of ink, so as to achieve the actual effect of water droplets disappearing. It is very convenient and quick for the customer to use only a drop of water to identify the authenticity. 2. The repair is relatively simple and the cost is low. The anti-counterfeiting label technology is an anti-counterfeiting technology developed on the basis of the trickling filter technology. It is made of selected technology on a part of the anti-counterfeiting label. Irradiation and etching process The transparent microplates are equipped with unique printing inks, and the special printing inks are produced according to the company's regulations, which are then repaired after the water dries. Anti-counterfeiting technology is another anti-counterfeiting technology of silicon oxide, which is easier to use in practice. 3. The anti-counterfeiting label technology with high difficulty coefficient and disappearing dripping water is widely used in various anti-counterfeiting labels as a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology due to its simple identification and high difficulty coefficient. For customers, the identification method is simple, but with the molecular structure of fraud, the difficulty of fraud is greatly increased. The labels used in the disappearing drip security label technology are suitable for companies with higher security characteristics and higher commodity prices. All in all, the technical characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting label with disappearing dripping point are convenient and quick, relatively simple to repair, low cost and high difficulty coefficient. When the potential anti-counterfeiting label technology prints a color pattern, the color pattern on the back of the pattern will be more obvious. The pattern returns to normal after the liquid evaporates and the pattern disappears until the entire repair process is complete and noticeable and then gradually returns to normal.
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