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by:Fullgo     2023-01-05
The storage method of agricultural product traceability information and the traceability network structure determine the mode of the traceability system. Fruit, vegetable and agricultural product manufacturers can only use the relevant authority of the system function after registering the system and submitting the audit information for approval. At present, the supply chain traceability mode is mainly divided into It is a chain traceability mode and a cross traceability mode. So what kinds of traceability modes are there in anti-counterfeiting technology? 1. Chain traceability mode Chain traceability mode, in other words, the enterprise nodes or consumers of the product supply chain conduct forward or reverse traceability step by step according to the links of the product supply chain. In this traceability mode, enterprises in each link of the supply chain can only store and manage the information of the current node enterprise. In order to exchange the information of each node, each node on the supply chain must have direct business transactions, so that the information of each node can be correlated to ensure the integrity of the data. The relationship between each link of the supply chain under the chain traceability mode is simple, easy to operate, and low in implementation cost. However, since each link forms a one-way chain structure, the information of each node needs to wait for the feedback of the previous node to complete the information transmission to the next node. This can easily lead to disruption of the entire supply chain due to a problem at one node. Therefore, this model is suitable for group enterprises, and each link of the supply chain is controlled and managed in a unified manner by the group enterprises. It is conducive to the efficient cooperation and cooperation of its subordinate nodes and subsidiaries, and improves the product traceability efficiency to a certain extent. 2. Cross-tracing mode Cross-type anti-counterfeiting technology mode, that is, a certain link in the supply chain is a key node. The manufacturer is the key node of the supply chain link. The production enterprise provides raw materials from multiple suppliers, and it provides raw materials for multiple sellers. Provide products. According to the characteristics of the cross-tracing mode, it can be seen that one of the key nodes can connect many non-key nodes, there are many sources, and there are many destinations, and there is no connection between other nodes. Therefore, in this mode, only when there is a problem with the key node, will the entire supply chain be disconnected. This model is more suitable for core enterprises. Product quality monitoring is the purpose of agricultural product quality traceability, and its core is the data information generated by agricultural products in all aspects of the supply chain. At the same time, consumers can obtain detailed traceability information of each link of the agricultural product supply chain through the traceability code of agricultural products or scan the QR code on the packaging of agricultural products, realizing complete transparency of anti-counterfeiting technical information, and improving consumers' awareness of agricultural products and the trust of enterprises. Spend.
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