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by:Fullgo     2022-12-13
Anti-counterfeiting label technology is an emerging technology that is affixed on the packaging of products in the market to trace the source of products and facilitate viewing of detailed information. The use of anti-counterfeiting label technology can prevent fake goods from rampant in the market, protect the interests of genuine merchants and prevent counterfeiting. The emergence of labeling technology has also made consumers feel more at ease and convenient to purchase goods. Just use a mobile phone to scan the anti-counterfeiting QR code to know the source of the goods and various information including activities. There are also many types of anti-counterfeiting label technologies on the market. The types of anti-counterfeiting label technologies are described below. 1. Fragile technology that prohibits reuse The anti-counterfeiting label technology that is particular about material selection includes a technology that is called impossible to reuse. This technology is mainly known for the particularity of the materials used. This anti-counterfeiting label technology uses materials such as fragile paper or fragile self-adhesive, which cannot be uncovered after being attached to the product, otherwise the two-dimensional code will be broken. This anti-counterfeiting label technology can effectively prevent the two-dimensional code. The situation of misappropriation and the healthy development of the market environment are protected. 2. Code technology that can change materials at will. Moderately priced anti-counterfeiting label technology has a code technology that is very popular among enterprises. This anti-counterfeiting label technology is mainly generated by using code, and its materials can be determined according to the enterprise itself, such as coated paper or PVC. Either way, enterprises can choose this anti-counterfeiting label technology not only to protect the product, but also to choose various materials according to their needs, which can also increase the aesthetics of the packaging. 3. Widely used two-dimensional code technology Two-dimensional code technology is a relatively common type of anti-counterfeiting label technology. This technology uses a variety of materials that can better fit the characteristics of the product and use high-heat hot melt adhesive processing. It is difficult to tear off, so it also greatly protects the label from secondary use. For enterprises, the generation of this anti-counterfeiting label technology can not only be attached to the product, even if it is printed out separately as a QR code It is very convenient to scan the code to attract customers. The common anti-counterfeiting label technologies on the market mainly include fragile technology, code technology and two-dimensional code technology. For the sake of product safety and the interests of consumers, this is so expensive. Only by ensuring the safety of goods can the market be peaceful and consumers can buy with confidence.
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