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by:Fullgo     2023-02-24
With the progress of science and technology, the popularization of online e-commerce, and the emergence of new things, many young people choose to follow the trend, but because of the increased purchasing power and brand benefits, fashionable clothes are often expensive. In order to achieve stable sales and continuous profitability, in addition to enhancing product quality, it is also necessary to choose a reliable anti-counterfeiting label technology. What are the types of anti-counterfeiting label technology? 1. Temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting technology Temperature-changing anti-counterfeiting label technology appeared earlier. It uses the characteristics of ink to produce effects. In short, it uses different temperatures to change the ink. Some inks will change color when heated. After disappearing, it returns to colorless, and the characteristics of some inks are irreversible, but they all have the characteristics of uncomplicated production process and remarkable effect. 2. Water drop anti-counterfeiting technology Water drop anti-counterfeiting technology is similar to temperature-variable anti-counterfeiting technology. Temperature-variable anti-counterfeiting technology is more based on the physical properties of ink, while water drop anti-counterfeiting is more inclined to chemical action. This anti-counterfeiting label technology relies on unique ink printing And the printing process, the original text or pattern is covered and hidden, and the naked eye cannot judge whether it is there or not. When water drops on such an anti-counterfeiting label, the water droplets and the ink will react chemically, so that the magical effect of the water droplets disappears. 3. Watermark anti-counterfeiting technology Because there are a wide variety of anti-counterfeiting label technologies, watermark anti-counterfeiting technology can develop rapidly. It integrates technologies in various fields, such as chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, spectroscopy, etc. Digital watermarking can be described as anti-counterfeiting label technology in As a result of modern scientific and technological progress, it can be effectively applied to printed matters such as currency, checks and other bills. The application, popularization and evolution of anti-counterfeiting label technology have undoubtedly contributed to the creation of contemporary social civilization and harmony. Businesses choose to adopt a good anti-counterfeiting technology, which is the guarantee of goods, responsible for customers, and can bring customers a sense of trust and consumption. The user chooses products with anti-counterfeiting labels, which is the protection of genuine products and respect for designers. In this era of rapid technological development, it is believed that anti-counterfeiting technology will be further updated and evolved.
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