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What aspects of information need to be considered when choosing an anti-counterfeiting company_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-08
When selecting products in the market, people may have different cognitions due to different product text labels or outer packaging, but most manufacturers do not have time to search for products with high similarity in the market one by one, but in order not to affect For their own sales, they will choose to add stickers or logos made by anti-counterfeiting companies on the outer packaging of the product or the container that contains the items. Users can scan the code or touch with their hands. When it comes to understanding, it needs to be understood from two aspects. The product types and physical displays designed by the company For most companies, in order to reduce the write-off process during sales, they will choose to design their own logos with relatively high frequency of use or templated graphics on the market. The possibility of being imitated in the process of use is relatively high. Considering this part of the procedure, some companies will choose the corresponding logo based on the direction of the company's business and the appearance of the product. In this process, you can obtain the design or related drafts from companies that may have cooperation ideas, so as to consider the possibility of subsequent cooperation. The company's follow-up inquiry procedures and follow-up services For products, the parts that anti-counterfeiting companies need to provide include the early design procedures and post-testing work. In order to prevent these anti-counterfeiting signs from being reused or copied, the company needs to modify the data corresponding to the signs from time to time and add small content designs. During the process, attention should also be paid to the protection of the program to reduce the risk of others intervening in the system. Possibility to modify, adjust information. In the process of use, most companies will choose to maintain a long-term cooperation with the anti-counterfeiting company, which can reduce the query process of repeatedly changing partners affecting the products on sale or unused, and some companies will also put the link of the designer on the The official website is for buyers to check online, and to know whether they have bought inappropriate products without scanning the code or consulting links, and feedback this situation to the brand for rights protection.
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