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What benefits does the anti-smuggling system bring to brand owners? Easily solve the problem of cross-regional smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-12-28
The system automatically judges whether there is smuggling. Consumers can view the entire process of the product from production to sales through the exclusive QR code on the product. Manufacturers and distributors can obtain product data information by scanning the code, and perform statistics and sorting in the background. clear and distinct. To achieve intelligent positioning and anti-channeling, merchants can scan and collect information on the QR code of commodities, channel management and control, and can send relevant commodity, logistics, sales and other data information to merchants, record detailed information of logistics operations, and provide products for anti-channeling and inquiry of products. Analysis of logistics information provides data basis. The anti-smuggling system uses the QR code as the entrance, and attaches a QR code to each product, so that the QR code of a single product can be associated with the QR code on the whole box, and consumers can check the authenticity of the product at the same time. , the system will realize the product inspection according to the information, and effectively prevent the occurrence of smuggling. Carrying out anti-smuggling supervision can well prevent the occurrence of smuggling at each node. The collection and processing of information by enterprises comes from data support, and one item, one code provides technical support for data collection. Monitoring product circulation, anti-smuggling management, anti-smuggling system can help enterprises to manage in-out and out of warehouse at all levels, and the geolocation function can accurately lock the whereabouts of products, corresponding to agents and stores. What benefits does the anti-smuggling system bring to brand owners? Answer: Track the whereabouts of products in real time, and supervise the flow of products in various regions. If there is a smuggling of goods, the system will automatically give an early warning, and you can also obtain information on the smuggling of goods, which is convenient for merchants to deal with the phenomenon of smuggling of goods in a timely manner. The whole process of circulation tracking the product flow to the anti-smuggling system brings benefits to brand owners. The application of one item, one code can cover product tracking and traceability, anti-smuggling, channel management, anti-counterfeiting, digital marketing and other fields. Shanghai Zhongshang network anti-smuggling system is combined with anti-counterfeiting traceability, and can also do various marketing activities on this basis. The two-dimensional code system can realize various functions. The role of the anti-smuggling system: track the flow of products in the whole process of circulation, realize the whole life cycle management of product sales, circulation and service, and prevent the smuggling of goods at all levels. Realize accurate consumer insight data and anti-smuggling system By establishing an online supervision platform, it is easy to solve the problem of cross-regional smuggling. One item, one code anti-smuggling management system, with the help of information interconnection, realizes the supervision of commodities, and helps merchants solve the chaos of smuggling. Solve the problem of product smuggling through one item, one yard, make it more difficult and cost more to smuggle goods, and purify the market space. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product anti-smuggling system, the whole process of managing the dealer's anti-smuggling system in Guangzhou, and monitoring the circulation of products
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