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What benefits does the smuggling management system bring to the enterprise_Smuggling management-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd

by:Fullgo     2023-01-12
Fleeing goods refers to the behavior that the goods originally intended to be sold in place A are transferred by dealers to place B, where there is no such commodity or this commodity is scarce, so as to take advantage of regional differences to seek higher profits. However, the disadvantage of this kind of behavior is that the companies that produce this product have chaotic pricing in the market, which is easy to lead to doubts from consumers and even a crisis of brand trust. Therefore, many companies now have introduced smuggling management systems to manage this behavior. So what benefits can the system bring to the enterprise? 1. Assist in better standardizing the market anti-smuggling management system. The product can be marked with an 'ID card' in the form of 'one product, one code', so that no matter where the product is sold, it can be traced back to the dealers who have gone through several levels. It is easy to verify in which link the smuggling occurred. This can help companies to further regulate the market, so that consumers can purchase goods more fairly and justly. 2. It can help enterprises to establish a brand image. As mentioned above, if the smuggling behavior is not curbed in time, it may affect consumers' views on the brand. However, in the past, it was difficult to use manual tracing to determine how the products were smuggled. Today, With anti-smuggling management software, this problem can be well solved, and the reduction of smuggling behavior can also win back the trust of consumers and help enterprises establish a brand image. 3. Help enterprises to reduce internal management costs In the past, if the downstream dealers of the enterprise had smuggled goods, the company often needed to spend a lot of effort to verify the situation of smuggling, and at the same time, it had to carry out market public relations to get rid of the crisis of trust. With the smuggling management system, enterprises can prevent these problems before they occur, and the potential risks are solved, which means that enterprises can reduce more internal management costs. Therefore, analyzing the smuggling management system from several aspects can still bring many benefits to the company, especially at this stage, the company has its own strategic expansion plan. It can well prevent someone from taking the opportunity to re-sell 'specified' goods, which is not a bad way to stabilize the corporate reputation.
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