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What benefits will the use of anti-counterfeiting labels bring to enterprises_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-19
In the early 1980s, the mainland market was flooded with counterfeit and shoddy products due to the difficulty of technical management, which once brought many brand enterprises to a sad state that was close to bankruptcy. Although many unscrupulous merchants were punished due to the strict rectification by the industrial and commercial department in the later period, the heavy shadow left at that time made the use of laser code anti-counterfeiting labels for products become a work that many companies attach great importance to. So what benefits will the company bring to the use of carefully designed anti-counterfeiting labels that are difficult to imitate? 1. The benefits of identifying the authenticity of a product Modern anti-counterfeiting mark products have been able to achieve the function of traceability. Therefore, once consumers complain about product quality problems, they can use the anti-counterfeiting mark to identify the authenticity of the product, so as to effectively prevent counterfeiting The impact of counterfeit and inferior products on the market image of brand enterprises is also the fundamental reason why such anti-counterfeiting signs are valued by enterprises. 2. Advantages of evading corporate responsibility. Some products are maliciously counterfeited, but the image of the company will be damaged. However, for some special products such as food, medicine and daily necessities, many counterfeit products are not produced according to safety standards, so they are very difficult to produce. It may cause harm to consumers, and the anti-counterfeiting mark can effectively avoid the compensation liability that enterprises need to bear due to counterfeit products. 3. The benefits of realizing the whole process control In addition, the functions of the security line anti-counterfeiting label products have been continuously enriched in recent years. In the past, the phenomenon of malicious collusion of goods by distributors from various places often occurred in the market, which seriously disrupted the business strategies formulated by enterprises in various places. By inquiring about anti-counterfeiting products, it is possible to easily view the entire circulation information of the goods, thereby helping enterprises to better realize the sales management and control of products. With the enrichment of the functions of anti-counterfeiting label products, many companies have increased their reliance on such products. Anti-counterfeiting products can not only provide enterprises with the benefits of identifying the authenticity of products, but also serve as important evidence for enterprises to avoid their own responsibilities when encountering consumer claims. In addition, anti-counterfeiting products can also provide enterprises with the sales purpose of product management and control throughout the process.
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