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What convenience does the anti-counterfeiting label factory bring to the enterprise?

by:Fullgo     2023-02-28
The field of anti-counterfeiting label factories is developing very rapidly, and various printing technologies emerge in an endless stream. Take ink printing as an example, use an ink that can change to a certain extent under special conditions to print pattern marks, which is convenient for verification and anti-counterfeiting. It has an important position in this field and has a wide range of applications. It is a special ink with anti-counterfeiting function by adding special substances to the ink. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be widely used in various industries, and the main function is to identify the authenticity of products and reduce incidents of counterfeit products. And there are many products on the market, of which there must be high-selling products. At the same time, knockoffs, fakes and high imitations will also emerge for mutual benefit. And almost the same shape and very close name to confuse the public. This damages the interests of consumers and the reputation and interests of brand owners. Therefore, enterprises will choose anti-counterfeiting labels to safeguard their own interests. When enterprises choose to provide anti-counterfeiting protection for products, they can choose to use the feature encryption intelligent identification anti-counterfeiting technology of the anti-counterfeiting label factory, which can build a practical and effective anti-counterfeiting technology fortress for enterprises and protect products from counterfeit goods. After brand companies use anti-counterfeiting labels, they can add a serial number to each product to avoid fake and shoddy products from exploiting loopholes to reappear in the market. The main point is that the query results of the QR code are all customized, and different companies will definitely have different content of the results, and their forms vary, mainly through the difference between the specific query window page and the result page, which also reflects different characteristics and enterprise needs. . Extremely high anti-counterfeiting performance, using random principles and a number of high-tech, processed through multiple complex processes, counterfeiters can not counterfeit, can not reproduce another identical anti-counterfeiting label. The anti-counterfeiting label factory has made great efforts in the service of safeguarding the interests of merchants.
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