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What does BC linkage mean? Benefits and Advantages

by:Fullgo     2023-02-06
The anti-counterfeiting marketing products are linked with one product, one code, BC, and based on user operation and experience, to achieve market and consumer coverage, new sales, promotion, expansion of promotion, repurchase, introduction of traffic, and recommendation conversion. Strengthen consumers' awareness of corporate brands through media and other channels, realize consumer channel purchases, and promote brand pull, F (enterprise)-C (consumer)-b (terminal store)-B (dealer). What does BC linkage mean? Answer: The integration of BC has more value, which is reflected in the fact that it can be combined with channel purchases, and the BC linkage method will continue to escort the listing of single products. Based on the huge user base, it will form a breakthrough in the sub-high-end price. Through it, it can realize precise incentives in multiple scenarios and roles, realize BC integrated marketing, help dealers and stores to expand brand promotion and introduce traffic. The innovative gameplay of the BC-linked digital marketing system can be matched with different delivery strategies to enhance the depth of marketing from point to surface, and make marketing theme activities more refined and effective. Expand the scope of influence to improve the C-side dynamic sales, better connect with users in depth, according to the development of the event, divide the time-sharing operation, dynamically adjust the event page, control the winning rate by division, and adjust the type of prizes by time period. By connecting both ends of bc, a wider range of active exposure can be achieved with the help of the b end. Use the BC linkage marketing method to carry out full-scene marketing of products, thereby expanding brand promotion and standing out among products in the same industry. It empowers dealers and stores to connect users online, manages users in depth, drives the growth of C-side dynamic sales, and can also build terminal marketing through BC linkage, build a bridge of communication between brands and consumers, innovate marketing, and increase sales. Through the actual terminal sales data, brand owners can obtain the actual market performance of products in time, optimize the channel launch strategy of products, and improve channel efficiency. Digitalization has been realized, allowing enterprises to directly connect to the C-end, collect C-end user data, create marketing value, achieve accurate marketing, and increase product sales significantly. Taking the integration of BC as the entry point, we will build an online industrial service platform based on three-dimensional connection, data sharing, traffic sharing, panoramic resonance, global empowerment, and full-chain win-win. Online access to the C-end, promote product sales, help companies grasp opportunities for personalized consumers, control market sales, build zero distance, and present one-to-one marketing activities.
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