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What does full traceability mean? Product lifecycle is managed

by:Fullgo     2022-11-11
Wisdom traceability runs through the operation of production management. Manufacturing enterprises control the production process through the system, and realize the supervision, restriction and adjustment of the entire workshop environment and production process, so that the production plan can be advanced accurately and timely, so as to achieve the expected production goals and on time. Deliver products to customers according to quality and quantity, so as to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the market. What does full traceability mean? Answer: The manufacturing enterprise uses the traceability system for the brand products, traces the quality to the source, and realizes the product tracking management. Consumers clearly understand the entire process of production, and through the informationization of the entire process, the entire process of traceability and circulation tracking and monitoring can be realized. Strengthening product safety management with unprecedented efficiency throughout the entire process is an important measure to prevent the emergence of counterfeit goods, protect the market environment, and protect the interests of the masses. It is particularly important to assist in the comprehensive and rational operation of management. The whole-process traceability system has become an essential tool for anti-counterfeiting traceability in the current market. As long as you scan the QR code, you can inquire about the product's source, production status and other information, protecting the brand image and consumer rights. The Shanghai Zhongshang network traceability system uses the QR code as the carrier, and all the information of the product can be seen by scanning the code, which is well documented; the QR code has the characteristics of large storage capacity, accuracy and speed, and plays an important role in the anti-counterfeiting traceability. The quality traceability system ensures high-quality data exchange in this supply chain, but also enables product 'origin' tracking and full transparency of the supply chain. Through software construction + hardware integration, efficient product management can be achieved and the risk of defective product reuse can be eliminated. The production efficiency analysis and traceability system starts from the source of raw materials, and controls key processes such as batching, review, placement, and finished product delivery in the production process, effectively reducing the impact of human factors on the production process. Help the collecting and shipping enterprises to systematically collect, transport, store, and dispose of operations, and realize the traceable management of the whole life cycle. Managers can easily control the production process of the enterprise, check the production layer by layer, and once a problem is found, it will be dealt with immediately to improve product quality. Through the construction of product online traceability system, real-time information collection and monitoring of generation and circulation can be completed, and the traceability, scalability and transparency of collection can be realized, so that products can be changed from passive management to active supervision, and the risk of lost product circulation can be prevented. The overall work level of product traceability.
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