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What factors will affect the price of anti-counterfeiting label technology_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-03
At present, anti-counterfeiting label technology is widely used in various commodities. The company will mark its own products with unique labels by pasting or printing. On the one hand, it is convenient to manage and distinguish different products, and on the other hand, it is also convenient for consumers to identify products. Authenticity, so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Next, let's take a look at what factors will affect the price of anti-counterfeiting label technology? 1. Whether to provide data analysis or not to provide data analysis also affects the price of anti-counterfeiting label technology. One of the most popular anti-counterfeiting label technology is the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label. Each product has its own single two-dimensional code identification. For the circulation of commodities in the market, we can conduct real-time tracking and monitoring operations through the enterprise background. This is also beneficial for enterprises to use the trustworthy anti-counterfeiting label technology to collect and analyze the sales data of various products in the later stage, so as to realize the upgrading of products. 2. Whether it is professionally customized For the company, a wide range of anti-counterfeiting label technologies will be professionally customized according to the company's trademark, corporate culture and style, and each product will be given a personalized anti-counterfeiting code that contains product information and is not repeated. For some products, the engraving gravure anti-counterfeiting label technology can also be customized. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label has the characteristics of concave and convex, vivid and difficult to copy. And this kind of novel and unique anti-counterfeiting label technology service price will be higher. 3. Whether to provide system debugging services Professional anti-counterfeiting label technology companies will also provide post-system debugging services for enterprises, and their charges will be higher. Through the overall operation and data processing of the system, it helps enterprises to keep abreast of product market circulation information and collect commodity market consumption trends. At the same time, it is convenient for consumers to know the authenticity of products and product authorization anytime, anywhere, and prevent fake and fake products from appearing. With the rise and popularity of online shopping, the logistics and distribution hardware facilities are more complete, and each commodity has its own special ID card, that is, the anti-counterfeiting label technology that it carries. In the long run, anti-counterfeiting label technology is conducive to market supervision and efficient operation of logistics networks, effectively combating the generation of counterfeit and shoddy products, and making consumers more convenient and assured in the process of consumption.
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