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What functional designs are required to achieve full traceability of products? _Product traceability and traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-25
The whole process of product traceability traceability is to use the mobile big data system, so that the entire life cycle of the product can be documented, and the product can be accurately positioned and tracked to ensure product quality. At the same time, it can also regulate production enterprises and improve product quality. , so that consumers can buy products with confidence. The whole process of product traceability is the current development trend. The current developed network technology and artificial intelligence technology also provide great assistance for the realization of product traceability. What does traceability mean? What do we say that the traceability of products can be traced back to the bottom? Take an example of agricultural and sideline products, such as apples. From production to entering the market and then to consumers, all the processes that an apple goes through are called traceability. It even includes the entire planting process, and the weather information of the planting process. This information includes, for example, sowing time, weather, seedling raising, transplanting, weeding, fertilization, picking and storage, with clear time records, as well as quality inspection and pesticide residue testing before entering the warehouse. After entering the warehouse, there will also be warehousing information and testing information. In the process of transportation, there will be sub-packaging information, out-of-warehouse, logistics information, etc., which will be sent to the dealers and then to the end consumers. Corresponding information will also be generated. Packaging information and price information, etc., these are the basic content of product traceability throughout the process. To achieve traceability, it is necessary to build a traceability system platform, and if you want to record this information, you need to build a complete set of traceability system platforms. According to the basic content of the whole process of traceability, when designing the platform architecture of the entire traceability system, it is necessary to cover three major systems and four platforms, which can be managed by combining the computer terminal and the mobile terminal, which can be compatible with the system of the government supervision department and realize traceability. Content entry is intelligent and convenient for terminal query, and it can also connect with government supervision. Each platform can query the corresponding data, and there will be targeted displays for people on different platforms, so that everyone can intuitively query the corresponding information. An excellent product traceability traceability system needs to include product traceability production standards, product quality security systems, and product traceability insurance systems. The platform needs to design four different systems according to the four objects of enterprise, government, third-party supervision, and consumers to ensure that the personnel of each system can trace its accurate information. For example, the product traceability tracking system for enterprises, the local enterprise product quality traceability system for the government, the online quality review system for enterprises on third-party platforms, and the product traceability information query system for consumers. In today's era of big data, both consumers and regulatory systems rely on the information recorded by the platform to confirm whether the product meets the corresponding standards.
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