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by:Fullgo     2023-01-28
In fact, there is a more serious problem, that is, the problem of buying fake products. The expansion of the online shopping market has also contributed to the expansion of the fake market. It is difficult for ordinary buyers to distinguish between fakes and originals with the naked eye, but it is also distressing to buy fakes with the original money. And anti-counterfeiting labels can well prevent the invasion of fake goods, and at the same time, we can use these anti-counterfeiting labels to better understand the production batch number and other information of the products we buy, and feel more at ease. So what is a QR code anti-counterfeiting label? 1. First clarify your needs So what is a QR code anti-counterfeiting label? Good anti-counterfeiting methods are often praised, not only to help enterprises and products, but also to reassure consumers. After all, if there is no good anti-counterfeiting method for the same price, it will make ordinary consumers feel The product loses trust, which in turn loses customers. However, honest and reliable anti-counterfeiting methods are what everyone is looking for, so how should companies choose a new anti-counterfeiting method? Identify your needs for anti-counterfeiting labels. The real anti-counterfeiting label should be able to meet the individual needs of each enterprise. Some companies make anti-counterfeiting labels just to dispel the doubts of consumers, and they can choose ordinary ones. Some really want to solve the problem of counterfeiting of corporate brand products, then they must choose high-end materials and technologies. 2. Choose a regular, honest and reliable anti-counterfeiting company. In fact, the production of anti-counterfeiting labels is not a simple technology. When choosing a trustworthy anti-counterfeiting method, what cannot be ignored is its formality. Because a reassuring and trustworthy anti-counterfeiting method has formal technical requirements, and its formality cannot be ignored. A truly suitable anti-counterfeiting label must be measured in combination with its own products and packaging, the characteristics of the targeted consumer groups, and the anti-counterfeiting situation in the same industry. Anti-counterfeiting companies large and small abound, dazzling. Of course, it must be formal and excellent, and companies that do not require certificates to make labels directly cannot be convincing, and are likely to help those unscrupulous businesses to fake labels. Determine the specific details of the anti-counterfeiting label according to the company's product situation. Online shopping has gradually become a major shopping method in our lives, but there are also many problems under the glossy appearance of online shopping convenience. It's like most of my friends have had such an experience. The sellers of clothes bought online look good, but when I come to my place, I find that the difference is very big whether it is color difference or other aspects. But with this anti-counterfeiting sticker, it is not so simple.
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