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by:Fullgo     2022-12-14
In our daily life, we can often see some similar products, but we can't remember where we have seen them, and the similarity can reach the point of being fake. Many people are dazzled and can't tell the difference between counterfeit products and real products. In order to have a clever way to prove that the products they sell are genuine, many manufacturers will find a reliable anti-counterfeiting company to make an anti-counterfeiting label with a special QR code for the user to scan and identify to identify the authenticity of the purchased product. pseudo. In today's era, communication technology has been highly developed, and the way to quickly and correctly identify counterfeit goods and shoddy products like the suspended magnetic light rail has become more and more extensive. In just a few decades, anti-counterfeiting companies have developed different products. recognition methods. So how to operate this process correctly, first gently scrape off the anti-counterfeiting coating and scan the QR code behind the coating with a mobile phone. After the QR code gives a prompt, we will enter it in turn. If the input is correct, the system will prompt This product is produced by the company, welcome to buy again. The anti-counterfeiting company has achieved the current scale of development, adhering to the three golden rules. It cannot be counterfeited at will, users can easily identify it, and it cannot be transferred at will. They continue to take root in this industry and continue to accumulate and update technical knowledge in a timely manner. The level of focus on the product also makes customers feel more at ease with their products. Moreover, the current QR code has a multi-purpose function. Users only need to scan the code once to achieve a full range of multi-functional use. For example, the point redemption code can be traced back to the source. It also reflects the continuous progress of anti-counterfeiting codes from the side. The advent of smartphones has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Coupled with the rise of fast payment in the past two years, many times you only need to bring a mobile phone when you go out. The products of anti-counterfeiting companies are also advancing with the times. By scanning the QR code attached to the product, you can know whether the purchased product is a quality-guaranteed product. The various anti-counterfeiting technologies developed by the company can be provided to the merchants to choose, such as laser anti-counterfeiting technology.
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