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What is the meaning of product information traceability? Manage from the source

by:Fullgo     2023-01-31
It supports the establishment of a traceability system for various cooperation schemes, that is, from consumption, circulation to production, and traceability, that is, product quality traceability or product quality traceability. The product traceability system has been concerned, widely welcomed and recognized by many enterprises. In practical application, it can ensure more accurate control of each link, reduce work costs, improve management capabilities, and make quality control, information records, and consumer conditions at each stage. Can be traced and searched. The gradual implementation and realization of the traceability task will build a product informatization traceability system covering the whole process, the quality management level of the user unit will be significantly improved, the informatization level and management efficiency of the supervision and management department will be gradually improved, and the construction of the informatization traceability system will serve as a bridge. , to realize that the information traceability data can be independently inspected by the public, and to improve the awareness of information traceability. Comprehensively manage and control product listing license holders, manufacturers, operating companies, and user units to establish a traceability system through information technology, record and save traceability data in a timely and accurate manner, and form an interconnected traceability data chain. Check, whereabouts can be traced. The bill of materials supports multiple versions of the same product. According to the product's certificate or label, it can be known and acted in time. The significance of product information traceability, management and digital capabilities complement each other, and there are many applications in the industry to improve management efficiency. The typical traceability link is to realize the tracking from raw materials to the delivery flow of finished products, and the traceability of finished products to related raw material information, and The tracking and traceability of the finished product flow direction. The rapid collection of key information can effectively improve product quality, avoid various problems during product sales, recall problematic products, and find responsible persons. Product traceability is a set of products that can link end products and production bases in a short period of time, and openly and transparently show every link of product circulation. Improve the traceability system and strengthen trust links. Through the intelligent traceability system that runs through the entire industrial chain, it ensures the smooth flow of its quality road, which fully demonstrates the breadth and depth of the supervision and management of enterprises, and also provides brand products with high-quality development. Scientific and systematic assistance. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Further reading What is a tamper-proof package label? Anti-counterfeiting technology protects brands and customizes anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeit products from the root cause
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