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What is the meaning of product traceability? Whole process control and information acquisition input

by:Fullgo     2022-11-23
Accurate traceability In the process of product production, product data information can be collected in important links and a product traceability file can be formed. Thus, the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation is formed. The traceability management of product life cycle information records such as commodity production and processing, packaging and warehousing, channel logistics, terminal sales, authenticity inquiry, data analysis, etc. Enterprises can control each node of the production process and manage the usage of raw materials. Tailor-made for brands based on the full-link traceability system of suppliers-raw materials-process-quality inspection-packaging-logistics-terminal stores-consumption, so that the quality of products can be seen and more marketing value can be created. The meaning of traceability of information and products related products? Answer: It can independently control all aspects of production, packaging, sales and so on. Realize the refined management of the whole chain of products in the raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption. Realize the digital traceability of one item and one code throughout the whole process, including code assignment, data collection, and information association; product data information exchange, through top-level design standards and basis, to indicate the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels, and to play the true role of product traceability throughout the chain. Anti-counterfeiting, traceability and anti-smuggling control, mainly through the operation of automatic labeling, automatic scanning, automatic packing to the box and automatic scanning to establish the relationship with the consignment, which greatly reduces manual intervention, and realizes information loading, collection, association, upload, etc., Realize digital anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management functions. Perfect quality traceability management opens up the traceability of the whole industry chain, realizes the traceability of production, packaging, delivery, and sales, and the system expands all production lines of the entire product line. Realize finished product packaging, finished product transportation, automatic pallet loading, automatic vehicle entry, automatic scanning and traceability, and intelligent distribution management. In the field of product digitization, Shanghai Zhongshang Network provides customers with brand protection, channel control, and marketing of products and services throughout the value chain through technology, data, operations, and consulting. The product uses a traceability system to complete the traceability of the source. Every product can be traced from the warehouse to the dealer company. If there is a problem with the product, it can be quickly and accurately recalled. Consumers can clearly understand the product information just by scanning it.
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