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What is the price of anti-counterfeiting labels based on?

by:Fullgo     2023-02-22
With the rapid development of the market economy, the types of anti-counterfeiting labels are also increasing year by year. Product anti-counterfeiting has long been the protection of industry brands, and anti-counterfeiting has also become an important guarantee to avoid misappropriation and the proliferation of fake and shoddy products. In recent years, anti-counterfeiting technology has matured, and anti-counterfeiting labels in the market are distinguished by technology. So, what do anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers base their prices on? 1. Material quality The material of anti-counterfeiting labels can be based on different categories, widely used are self-adhesive, PVC, PET, etc., as well as aluminum oxide laser film for laser labels, and fragile paper for fragile labels. And some companies choose imported materials, which will also increase the cost. Therefore, companies choose different anti-counterfeiting label materials, and the price will reflect the difference. 2. If the anti-counterfeiting technology system adopts the common anti-counterfeiting technology on the market, the cost will not be very high. If it is to increase the difficulty of forgery, if the patented anti-counterfeiting technology or newly developed anti-counterfeiting technology is adopted, the price of the label will also increase. And the subsequent development of other system functions of the Internet of Things and the Internet based on anti-counterfeiting labels, such as traceability, lottery, sign-in, treasure hunting and other functions. It will also increase the cost of anti-counterfeiting labels. 3. Label quantity and size The quantity and size of custom labels will also have a certain impact on the price. Many companies are quantified on a quarterly basis and annually, which can effectively save the cost of the company. The size of the customized anti-counterfeiting label is small, and the consumables are also small, and vice versa, the price is higher. Generally speaking, anti-counterfeiting labels do not need to be large, of course, this can also be selected according to the needs of enterprises. The above is what anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers price content based on. Now that the anti-counterfeiting technology is mature, the encrypted anti-counterfeiting label uses a variety of innovative technologies and has a very high anti-counterfeiting function. Encryption authorization is unique, deterministic, and effective. As an anti-counterfeiting product, we should not only look at the price, but should choose the appropriate anti-counterfeiting label according to the needs of the enterprise and the attributes of the product.
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