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What is the principle of the anti-smuggling system? Prevent smuggling of dealers from all over the world

by:Fullgo     2022-12-28
Anti-smuggling system principle The anti-smuggling system allows each product to be bound with a logistics code, tracking products in real time, locating products, and viewing product trends; if there is smuggling, the alarm will be turned on immediately to prevent smuggling. Through the multi-level dealer management platform, the enterprise can realize the overall management and control of the logistics channel, and the dealer can carry out the logistics tracking step by step, which fundamentally realizes the deep and vertical management of the distribution channel. Improve the brand's ability to manage and control channel dealers, strengthen the strict control and management of sales channels, and realize online real-time monitoring of smuggled goods. As long as consumers scan the smuggled goods offline, they can learn the smuggling information. It is convenient for enterprises to supervise and rectify the anti-smuggling system is closely related to the production line. This system can efficiently process large data volume and high-speed production lines from function to technical structure, helping to stabilize production and improve efficiency. In the background of the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management system, understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and display inventory data in real time, track and monitor the whole process, fundamentally solve channel smuggling and quality tracking, effectively maintain market order, and develop for brand owners. provide assurance. Provide each product with an exclusive product identity code to realize the interconnection and interaction of product information between product manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. By assigning products with one item, one code, anti-smuggling traceability codes, digital and intelligent anti-smuggling management functions are realized, empowering brands! Tracking and anti-smuggling system for obtaining product delivery information: Through dealer management and information entry in the distribution system, precise management and control of product circulation, logistics, and business channels can be achieved to achieve product anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling. When the product is out of the warehouse, the two-dimensional will be engraved on the product packaging, and each batch will be marked with a two-dimensional code to realize the unified management of the area code, the management of the product data, and the real-time monitoring of the product circulation direction. The product flow direction can be grasped in real time, and the management of the product circulation field can be strengthened at the same time, and the cost of enterprise logistics monitoring can be reduced at the same time. One product, one code, is connected to the system platform, and the label cannot be copied. Enterprises can monitor product trends in real time to prevent the occurrence of smuggling. The anti-smuggling system has an automatic early warning function. When there is smuggling, the system will automatically issue an alarm to remind enterprises to quickly find product trends and prohibit smuggling and disorderly prices. Through the coverage of the QR code of the product logistics sleeve, the logistics information of the product is monitored, the whole process is controlled, and the invoicing and inventory management and control at all levels are used to grasp the whereabouts of the product logistics.
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