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What is the QR code anti-smuggling system? Do a good job in circulation control

by:Fullgo     2022-11-25
Positioning and anti-channeling Through the labeling of each product, box and pallet, and related code management; manual or machine labeling, online coding, and distribution of products according to data definitions. To prevent the phenomenon of product smuggling, use a QR code anti-smuggling system for branded products, supervise the whereabouts of products in various places, and locate the product location. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system can understand all the information dynamics of the product, can effectively eliminate the cross-regional sales and counterfeit products of the product, prevent the attack of counterfeit and shoddy products, and prompt the specific scanning information so that consumers can easily buy per item. Set up product sales areas to solve the problem of smuggling goods. Set up product sales areas through the backend of the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system, and define the logistics information corresponding to the product logistics ID code, which is used as the basis for preventing smuggling. The QR code anti-smuggling system operates, establishes an anti-smuggling management system, uses QR code labels to manage product data, assigns an identity number to each product, establishes a one-to-one data association, and manages data by region. Directly query product-related information through the scanning function of mobile terminals such as mobile phones; record its production information, storage information, and logistics information for each single product, and identify the records through professional QR code reading equipment. It can realize the function of recording and reading information, and effectively reduce the occurrence of wrong and missing products. Standardize sales channel data collection, product outbound, warehousing automated data collection, and ensure that enterprises can grasp the product flow direction in a timely manner, monitor the entire process of data, and track products. A unique identification number is programmed for each product, printed on the inner and outer packaging of the product, and a logistics area is established through the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system, which is convenient for accurate judgment and rapid early warning of smuggling. When the product is out of the warehouse, the two-dimensional code is engraved on the product packaging, and each batch of products is marked with a two-dimensional code to achieve unified management of regional codes, data management of products, and real-time monitoring and management of the direction of product circulation. It is convenient for merchants to control orders, logistics, agents and other information in real time, find problems in time, and grasp market dynamics; provide logistics information, monitor channel transportation conditions online in real time, and effectively prevent dealers from selling goods.
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