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What is the role of anti-counterfeiting labels_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-13
In fact, with the in-depth exploration of information recognition technology, the deepening of people's ideological understanding, and the in-depth efforts of criminals to illegal acts, the anti-counterfeiting methods of the old stage have little effect on today's new products, so relying on modern technology And the anti-counterfeiting labels of the Internet began to be widely distributed on various products. Anti-counterfeiting labels are generally made of paper and have sticky properties, which can be attached to any object that needs anti-counterfeiting, and the adhesion is strong and works quickly and is not easy to tear off. can be queried through the Internet. Anti-counterfeiting labels are generally made of paper, and the materials are less polluting and less harmful, so consumers can feel at ease. It generally has some protective plastic film or other materials on its surface so that the paper inside will not be damaged, so that consumers can completely query the source information of the product. It is generally attached and will not be easily torn off to prevent the anti-counterfeiting code from being used on other items to cause losses to consumers and businesses. Its information-recording paper generally records anti-counterfeiting information such as digital codes or numbers that support the use of various electronic devices to query product source information on the Internet. Its anti-counterfeiting traceability is relatively simple, and you can easily obtain product source information by scanning codes or entering numbers with electronic devices, avoiding the trouble of consumers inquiring products. It allows merchants to customize the information displayed inside the anti-counterfeiting label, making it impossible for other illegal manufacturers to forge. The actual function of the anti-counterfeiting label is equal to the manufacturer and the seller. It can ensure that the regularity, quality and quality of their products are not infringed, and that consumers' trust in them will not be affected by counterfeiting. Brand influence will not be reduced due to unjust enrichment by third parties. Consumers also need its help when buying products. It ensures that consumers pay for items of the same value instead of some three-nothing substitutes. It ensures that the products purchased by consumers are regular and guaranteed, and consumers are avoided because of this. some troubles.
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