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What is the role of one-item-one-code marketing? Help the long-term development of enterprise brand products

by:Fullgo     2022-12-04
Expanding influence provides a large amount of data decision support for enterprises, which can achieve more comprehensive and more dimensional data integration, and achieve precise marketing through the construction of user portraits, so that the input-output ratio can be improved to a higher level. Use scan code to collect consumer information, feedback consumers' first-hand information to brand owners, and provide brand owners with consumer portraits to establish basic data; it plays a key role in brand accumulation of old members, continuous marketing, and stimulation of repurchase. Promotions can be accurately fed back to consumers. Increasing consumers' recognition of product brands and consumption viscosity can not only increase the price of product sales terminals, but also increase the repurchase rate. It can continuously discover more potential users and increase sales; users can scan codes, and enterprises can obtain consumption big data, which can provide data basis for secondary marketing. Channel flat management continues to accumulate consumption data to continuously optimize and drive follow-up marketing and user operations. Through the promotion of one item, one code red envelope, a large number of loyal consumers are cultivated for the brand, which can more easily increase the frequency and amount of customer consumption. What is the role of one-item-one-code marketing? Answer: One item, one code marketing system provides a channel for enterprises to 'communicate' with consumers by scanning the associated public account. Enterprises can understand the consumption big data about users, so as to better understand consumers' product needs. Preference, follow-up launch of marketing activities and products that are in line with the majority of consumers, help brand product sales increase and increase the repurchase rate. Scan the QR code to participate in the activity, one item, one QR code marketing system can enhance the user's consumption enthusiasm, increase the product purchase rate, create momentum for new products, increase the viscosity of new products for new customers, and create a new image for the brand. Connect brands and consumers through the 'one item, one code' QR code interactive marketing method, and use the 'scan code to receive red envelopes' as an entry point to stimulate the terminal's first purchase rate and repurchase rate, and maintain a closer relationship between the two. Relationships build intimacy. The function of one item, one code marketing, you can scan the product QR code for lottery interaction. After winning the lottery, you will get cash red envelopes, vouchers, physical products, coupons, points redemption and other prizes. One item, one code attaches an independent variable code to each product. By scanning the code, consumers can directly experience the fun of redemption and interaction, and it is effective in the entire product marketing process of the company.
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