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What is the role of the anti-smuggling management system? The system automatically records location information

by:Fullgo     2023-02-12
Standardize the market system to immediately realize the systematic management of sales work, improve the dealer management system, and carry out unified management. More rights protection for the distribution and agents of the enterprise to prevent the goods from running around. The one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system records the agent's identity information and product information in the background, and the system has the function of early warning of counterfeiting goods. What is the role of the anti-smuggling management system? Answer: Through the QR code of anti-smuggling products, the manufacturer can obtain the relevant information about the smuggling, and accurately locate the location of the smuggling through the latitude and longitude, and control and understand the entry and exit of the product, receipt and delivery, etc. Unified management of agent behavior to effectively monitor the product production process, through online scanning of QR code, to quickly collect real-time quality information to ensure that the entire production and distribution process meets standards. To prevent smuggling, and the viewing and inspection of smuggling reports can not only detect smuggling in time, but also manage dealers, achieve the effect of combating counterfeiting and standardizing the market. Apply one item, one code to each product, and establish a unique traceability code for each product, so that the whole cycle circulation and sales information of the product can be viewed, and the anti-smuggling control of the product can be realized. The enterprise realizes the overall management and control of the logistics channels, and the dealers can carry out the logistics tracking step by step, which fundamentally realizes the strict management of the distribution channels. In the face of low-price and random-price distribution and smuggling, inspectors can quickly check product distribution and delivery information by scanning codes, so that smuggling has nowhere to hide. Improve the management and control ability of distributors, clearly track the flow direction of each product, and regulate the behavior of each agent through the one-item-one-code tracking technology to prevent the occurrence of smuggling goods and chaotic prices. Viewing and auditing of anti-smuggling reports can not only detect smuggling in time, but also effectively manage dealers, so as to achieve the purpose of combating counterfeiting, standardizing the market, and increasing efficiency! In the distribution and delivery process, the delivery personnel can scan the related distribution information to grasp the inventory and distribution process information of the goods. Each product is the only 'identity card' - it can record its entire process information from production, warehousing, delivery, and sales. It can manage dealers in various regions, accurately control channels, ensure consumer loyalty and enhance brand image. Through the system, enterprises can effectively grasp the situation of product circulation in the market, so that products can be sold in a standardized manner in the designated area of ​​​​the enterprise. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the QR code anti-smuggling system, provide the development function of the anti-smuggling warning system, and prevent the goods from scurrying.
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