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What is the significance of using a food safety traceability system? _Food safety traceability system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-13
Now, consumers are very concerned about food safety issues. In view of this, various manufacturers have also improved the quality of their products. In addition, they will also use the food safety traceability system to improve safety management measures to allow manufacturers to improve food quality. good control. Let's take a look at the significance of a food safety traceability system with good quality and low price. 1. Improve the ability to control risks. After using the food safety traceability system, the enterprise can manage and control each node of the production process, not only can carry out efficient quality management of each production environment, but also can manage the use of raw materials, product quality Storage, transportation, and sales, so when a product is found to be problematic in the market, companies can immediately recall substandard products, thereby improving their ability to control risks. 2. Protecting the reputation of the enterprise is very important for the enterprise. If the enterprise has no credibility, it will lose the market and consumers. Therefore, every enterprise will try its best to maintain its own credibility. After using the food safety traceability system, it can strengthen the responsibility of the enterprise and play a role in strengthening the right and suppressing the inferior. Through the implementation of traceability, the source information of the products circulating in the market can be inquired, the person in charge of product quality can be found, and the enterprises with potential safety hazards can be forced to withdraw. market, and enterprises with good production quality can also establish credibility. 3. Promote the integrated food safety traceability system of global trade ‍In food logistics, a standard identification system that is in line with international standards can be established in each link, so as to realize the correct identification of each link of the supply chain, and enhance the reliability of the source of agricultural products and information transmission processing speed, laying the foundation for EDI, e-commerce and global trade integration. It can be seen that the existence of the food safety traceability system is of great significance, which can not only improve the enterprise's ability to control risks, but also effectively protect the enterprise's reputation. In addition, by using a real and effective food safety traceability system, it can also promote global trade integration and better achieve economic prosperity.
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