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What is the specific role of the anti-smuggling system? Strengthen the supervision of channels

by:Fullgo     2023-02-11
Standardize market prices and launch a code-scanning anti-smuggling system according to market demand to assign codes to products, check the logistics links of products in real time, and effectively prevent smuggling. Using the label as the carrier to combine with the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system, one product, one code, one-to-one information monitoring and recording of the identification code, and directional control of each product, the flow direction of each product can be accurately traced. The functions of the anti-smuggling system: enterprise dealer management, product information management, product in-out storage management, product logistics management, collection of information on smuggling, market inspection management, data analysis, and commodity authenticity inquiry. According to product logistics area information and consumer query location information, it can automatically determine the phenomenon of smuggling, count smuggling information, and automatically send alarm emails; intelligently collect information on smuggling, and achieve the function of early warning of smuggling. Increase the management level of the enterprise to establish a multi-level data association relationship with storage locations, warehouses, orders, logistics, etc., improve the efficiency of warehousing logistics, inbound and outbound management, and prevent random prices and goods. Support box and box two-level packaging data correspondence, and can customize the data structure according to customer specifications to meet the actual situation of customers, simplify the operation process, and improve the level of refined management. The product anti-smuggling system mainly uses the two-dimensional code label as the carrier to give each product an exclusive anti-counterfeiting mark. Later, by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code to understand the product information, track the product flow, and achieve product tracking and management. Realize information management agency channels, establish a standardized price system, and track the whole process of products from production to consumption. Inquiry about smuggling goods: For enterprises and related channel providers, according to their query control authority, provide inquiries and statistics of relevant distribution and smuggling information. Make the entire data chain of the industry run through. According to the query control authority, it provides the query and statistics of relevant distribution and smuggling information, and can check the product flow information and distinguish the smuggling of goods. What is the specific role of the anti-smuggling system? Answer: The anti-smuggling system has the function of correlating product data information. When the product is out of the warehouse, the merchant associates and binds the information of its QR code with the system background, and can track the product logistics information at any time. The anti-smuggling system has eradicated the development of chaos from the source, and effectively managed dealers throughout the process. The application of the anti-smuggling system not only allows enterprises to understand the behavior of smuggling at a glance, but also can rectify the market order, which also plays a very beneficial role in the marketing management of enterprises. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Umbrella QR code anti-smuggling system, real-time tracking and supervision of one item, one code, tea anti-smuggling, and comprehensive grasp of product logistics information
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