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What is the use of product traceability throughout the whole process_Product traceability throughout the whole process-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-23
As far as the whole process of product traceability is concerned, it has been widely used in various industries. Some people may not know what it is. It is a production control system that can track products forward, reverse or non-directional. This system It is widely used and can be used for various types of process and production control. It allows you to trace back to the product the following information: what parts are already in the process of being installed, and which parts need to be controlled during the production process of the product The key parameters of the factory are all qualified, and there is a strict control over the current manufacturing process, etc. The main task of the traceability system is to ensure whether the specified parts have been installed in the specified product, so as to achieve the required performance of the product and reduce the risk of recalling the product to a small extent, which is related to the cost of manufacturing. Yes, these two situations may be encountered at any time in the production process, so we need to consider: 1. The supplier or the company's own mistakes: if one or a batch of parts is found to be defective or have quality problems When it is necessary to find out where the part or batch of parts is installed. 2. Customer requirements: When the customer gives you the name or batch number of a product to stop production, he should take out the information of the product to inform the customer what the product is like, and give the customer an accurate product part relationship. . In recent years, the government has issued many measures related to the policy of focusing on agriculture and strengthening agriculture, gradually realizing the development of agricultural information service technology, focusing on the development of information collection, refined operation and management information, remote digitization and visualization, and food safety early warning. and other technologies, so as to continuously promote the 'informatization of production and operation' of enterprises. Product traceability throughout the whole process As a high-tech company supported by my country's science and technology fund, it puts the people's safe eating environment in the first place, and fully utilizes Li Yongle's two-dimensional code technology and other technical means, so this series of food safety traceability production has been developed. The management system is to open a way for consumers to have a deep understanding of video safety production information, to make issues such as opacity and information asymmetry public, and to escort food safety and customer safety.
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